Program Management Services Include:

What Makes Us Different?

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VISTA provides a variety of logistical solutions encompassing:

  • Acquisition Logistics
  • Engineering Logistics
  • Life Support & Logistical Services
Each area is unique with the challenges that are presented and require innovative solutions that are timely, cost-effective, and outcome-based to meet the needs and support of each mission. Our Logistics Services include:

VISTA recognizes that a system is more than a single piece of equipment and includes operators and maintainers, spare parts, support equipment, compatibility, facilities, and training. Acquisition Logistics begins with early planning for the system and continues throughout its useful life. Reliability, maintainability, and availability are key factors. We work to identify, consider, and trade-off support considerations with other system cost, schedule and performance elements to arrive at an optimum balance of system requirements that meet the user’s operational and readiness requirements. Our Acquisition Logistics Services Include:

Requirements Analysis
Cost Analysis
Risk Assessment
System Engineering
Life-Cycle Sustainment
Assess obsolescence impacts
Designing, Testing & Reviewing Services
Developing Rating Plan
Supply Chain Management & Inventory
Ongoing Support

VISTA’s technical personnel operates as fully integrated team members in support of global logistics engineering requirements. Our work for the Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force includes configuration management, engineering change proposal development and review, field activity liaison, and operational safety improvement program evaluations. At VISTA, our focus is clear — to provide the right equipment at the right time.

VISTA supports operational readiness and sustainment worldwide. Through strategic partnerships and established supplier relationships, we provide Life Support, Logistics Services, and Operations & Maintenance to meet U.S. Mission Critical requirements 24/7. We provide vital fuel delivery, food services and other critical logistical support oversees and in high threat areas. We provide total asset management involving thousands of pieces of equipment (Configuration Management) on a large and small scale. This includes:

Food Services
Fuel Services
Motor Pool Management
Warehouse Operations

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