Program Managers

Sunil Kaushal

Sunil serves as a Technical Director and provides technical leadership and serves as lead architect for client systems customizations and upgrades. His skills include software application requirements, design and development, databases and reporting, IT infrastructure maintenance and support, vendor relationship management, risk management, compliance, process and performance improvement. Sunil received his bachelor’s degree from University of New Delhi and a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and MBA from University of Maryland.

Erin Knight

Erin leads VISTA’s work in library and knowledge management services. She and her team are skilled in all library services including reference, document delivery, and training. Erin has over 22 years of experience in scientific and technical libraries and works to help clients quickly find the information they need. Erin holds a bachelor’s degree from Eastern Kentucky University and a Master of Science in Library Science from The Catholic University of America.

John Markatos

John is a Program Manager leading VISTA’s Installation Status Report (ISR) Support Services contract managing U.S. Army's facilities infrastructure and base support planning. He received his bachelor’s degree in mapping, charting, and geodesy from the U.S. Military Academy, and his master’s degree in engineering management from the University of Missouri.

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