Financial & Program Analyses

Program Management Services Include:

What Makes Us Different?

Real Property Planning Team Develops Facility Reduction Module  


Budget cuts and transparency make fiscal responsibility more important than ever.

VISTA provides both financial analyses and program analyses to support Business Financial Managers, Comptrollers, Contract Specialist, field activities, and other Department of Defense Financial and Program Managers.

VISTA provides innovative Financial Management tools to maximize financial productivity. VISTA develops: :

  • Financial and Resource Requirement Projections
  • Cost Estimating & Economic Evaluations
  • Earned Value Management (EVM)
  • Financial Project Analyses
  • Cost Analyses
  • Asset Management Analyses
Our experience in Financial Management allows us to prepare the following documents for our clients:
  • Executive-Level Financial Management Briefings
  • Quarterly, Annual, and Five-Year Budgeting Documents
  • Financial Addendums
  • Budgetary Support Documentation

VISTA has a competitive advantage in providing the following:

  • Analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of program operations in meeting established goals and objectives
  • Cost and Schedule Status Reporting
  • Identifying resources (staff, funding, equipment, facilities) required to support varied levels of program operations
  • Master calendar preparation
  • Management/business plan preparation
  • Progress reporting
  • Risk analysis based on schedule preparation, cost monitoring, and technical status
  • Technical and programmatic reviews of cost and schedule
  • Work breakdown structures

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