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Program Management Services Include:

What Makes Us Different?

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Our technicians and trainers are skilled in advanced technologies and they provide our clients the capabilities needed to get the job done. We provide:

VISTA is instrumental in capturing and utilizing the latest in digital hardware and software technology. We provide digital support from initial conceptualization through life cycle support. Our technicians are well versed in all aspects of electrical repair and have the experience knowledge and know how to support your aircraft electrical requirements.

Aircrew Training & Maintenance Support is as critical on the ground as is the team in the air. VISTA provides aircrew flight training, installation repair, mission support, and fleet support for the P-8A and P-3C mission suite. Training includes Acoustic Intelligence collection technics, tactics, and proper in-flight operation of Acoustic Collection Systems and Weapons Systems Trainer instruction. Our data processing and interpretation software produces accurate Post Mission Analysis & Evaluation.

Weapons systems trainers and airplanes house complex electrical systems. Our technicians maintain and repair electrical systems, and:

  • Troubleshoot electrical systems using test equipment
  • Inspect and maintain electrical systems
  • Replace faulty wiring
  • Solder electrical connections
  • Read electrical-wiring diagrams

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