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The Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program is a form of security assistance authorized by the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and a fundamental tool of U.S. foreign policy. The AECA states that the U.S. may sell defense articles and services to foreign countries and international organizations when the President formally finds that to do so will strengthen the security of the U.S., and promote world peace.

VISTA supports the logistics and technical documentation of Foreign Military Sales for the Department of Defense (DoD). Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have the technical training and experience in implementing Security Assistance Program (SAP) Foreign Military Sales (FMS) policies and procedures.

Our services and subject matter experts support the foreign military sales logistics of the Navy’s aircraft programs and missile weapon systems sold to foreign countries. Our core competency is in NAVAIR logistics, maintenance, ITAR Compliance, configuration management, and specific supply chain management functions, are easily transferrable to requirements of FMS ship transfer and follow on support.

Compliance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is essential. Enforcement actions by regulatory agencies are increasing with companies facing high legal fines and even criminal penalties for ITAR violations. The ITAR requires companies that export defense articles to register with them. What many do not realize is that Defense Articles may include any hardware, technical data and/or services related to an item that has been manufactured or modified for a military application. Exports can occur with shipments overseas or by even providing technical data to a foreign person in the U.S.

We have the experience in assisting the DoD in the complexities of complying with ITAR.

Configuration management requires the ability to know the status of every part at all times, whether it is in an aircraft in use, in a warehouse ready for use, in a shop being repaired, or retired from use. CSTI’s combined knowledge of maintenance systems and supply systems ensure items positioned on and off aircraft are properly documented and cataloged. We use a variety of tracking systems and software that enable us to pinpoint parts that need updating or replacement.

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