Program Management for Intelligence

Intelligence Services Include:

What Makes Us Different?

VISTA Initiates Training Needed for Researchers and Scientists at the National Institute of Environmental Health Services (NIEHS)   read more...


Program Management is a key component to delivering a successful cyber program. VISTA is able to provide:.

Integrated, flexible and comprehensive engineering and logistics support.

Experience in providing all pre-departure requirements to prepare participants for their programs:

  • Immigration Documentation
  • ITIN Issuance
  • Insurance Enrollment
  • Medical Clearance
  • Secure Data Collection & Screening
  • Security Risk and Fraud Inquiry
  • Visa Issuance

VISTA is able to staff Program Managers who are able to provide technical expertise drawing on the following skills and experience:

  • Prior law enforcement computer investigative and forensic experience
  • 10+ years managing development and delivery of law enforcement computer investigative, forensics and IT security training, directly related to cyber-capacity building.
  • 10+ years of international training experience with USG (State Department)

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