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Mobile Forensics deals with the recovery of digital evidence or data from a mobile device. It refers to mobile phones, PDA and GPS devices, tablet computers, and any digital device that has both internal memory and the ability to communicate. Mobile Forensics has emerged as key to criminal investigations to capture data stored and transmitted, and online transactions. VISTA offers Mobile Forensics and Training for Field Units. Field Training for Mobile Forensics Field units require the combination of know-how and tools to properly and efficiently seize, acquire and analyze digital evidence from mobile devices. This is accomplished through a series of hands-on training events designed to provide participants with an increasing capability to conduct digital investigations. Mobile device forensic kits utilize a combination of standard laptops, various accessories and specialized mobile forensic tools. Between multiple operating systems, multiple manufacturer implementations and countless applications, a suite of tools is recommended to acquire evidence and/or validate findings. Additional forensic tools are utilized to analyze extractions and to process pc-like storage device increasingly utilized by smartphones and tablets. VISTA provides fully assembled forensics kits for field deployment that are initially configured and utilized during the training events. Contact VISTA for more information about our Field Training for Mobile Forensics.

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