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Agile Development Successfully Used to Brand and Redevelop an Army Website

VISTA created and maintains the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) public website. Recently, VISTA executed a branding and redevelopment effort for the site. Our team coordinated with BRAC Division (BRACD) leadership and other stakeholders in redefining the focus of the website to assist the BRACD in the conveyance of real estate, while maintaining a repository of publicly available BRAC related documents. VISTA used an Agile methodology for developing this website. Our team met with various BRACD stakeholders and used several methods for gathering and refining the requirements. They developed proof of concept prototypes for the website and used them to refine the requirements. Our team developed this website iteratively. They planned the iterations in such a way that the most complex parts of the website were developed earlier in the lifecycle, which drove down the risk and difficulty of implementing the website as the time progressed. We put a process in place to ensure all new pages are Section 508 accessibility compliant. The rebranded website added significant new functionality and simplified navigation, satisfying the demands of the user community. We have received numerous accolades for the redesigned website.

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Data Modeling Used to Forecast Populations for Army Installations Worldwide

VISTA provides planning population projections for the Office of the Chief of Staff for Installation Management (OACSIM). Our team of functional and technical professionals accomplish this by integrating population data from more than 20 official Department of the Army sources to provide the Army with the Army Stationing and Installation Plan (ASIP). ASIP provides current and projected populations on Active, U.S. Army Reserve (USAR), and Army National Guard (ARNG) installations.

VISTA has extended the capabilities of the ASIP system through the development of dynamic dashboards and the establishment of a classified version of ASIP (ASIP-S). The ASIP-S includes classified units and populations not previously captured in ASIP, allowing OACSIM to more accurately forecast support requirements for Army installations worldwide.

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VISTA Initiates Training Needed for Researchers and Scientists at the National Institute of Environmental Health Services (NIEHS)

VISTA provides Library Services for the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). Our team of information professionals are responsible for all library services including reference, document delivery, training, and many knowledge management projects. NIEHS relies heavily on Endnote, which is a software tool used to manage citations and format references for manuscript preparation. The Institute was lacking essential assistance and training in Endnote. Many scientists were coming to the library with questions. VISTA’s library staff recognized this need, received approval from both the library and IT COR, and now provide Endnote training for NIEHS. We have responded to countless patron requests for Endnote assistance, including editing output styles, importing references from databases and correcting citations in Microsoft Word. VISTA’s library staff also provides official Endnote training courses for both the Mac and the PC, and conducts one-on-one training sessions, where a VISTA librarian assists the researcher in their own workspace.

VISTA’s library’s training program has been well received and researchers at NIEHS have been very appreciative of the service.

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VISTA’s Professional & Admin Support “Were Like The Cavalry Coming Over The Hill”

Responsiveness to our client’s needs is a hallmark of VISTA’s customer support. We have been the Army’s Military Construction (MILCON) support contractor for more than 3 years responsible for preparing, editing, proofing and publishing the annual Budget Estimate Submission and President’s Budget MILCON books. Accuracy, attention to detail, and timeliness are paramount as these budget documents form the basis of the Army’s military construction program submission to OSD and Congress.

During a recent submission cycle when the underlying data and requirements for the client changed at the very last minute, VISTA was up to the challenge. We developed new sections, implemented format changes, added last-minute insertions, validated scope and corrected project costs all under an extremely tight timeline. Bottom line – VISTA produced and delivered the Army’s military construction program error-free and on-time garnering the appreciation and thanks from our customer. "Your actions were like the cavalry coming over the hill! I sincerely believe that your efforts made the difference in meeting the submission deadline; especially with all the late insert challenges. This would not have been achievable without your team."

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VISTA’s Security Force Movement Helps Secure Haitian Election

In advance of the much delayed Republic of Haiti's Parliamentarian Election cycle, which commenced on August 9th 2015, senior officials at both the U.S. Embassy and the local United Nation's offices, repeatedly voiced that their greatest concern was a lack of mobility by units of the Haitian National Police (HNP). There was not solely the matter of rapid security force movement in the event of electoral related violence; the HNP were and are solely responsible for the safe transfer of ballots to and from the election stations.

Our company was tasked to do whatever possible to get vehicles on the road, and, in a combination with our headquarters, support in logistics and purchasing. We provided the local field office dedicated efforts in repairing downed police vehicles. This resulted in well over two dozen additional vehicles working the morning of the election, which would not have been the case without our efforts. Not only did this concentrated and focused effort result in the thanks of the Mission and the United Nations; the senior Director of Logistics of the HNP, Yves Stark, called our local leadership and to voice his personal appreciation.

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Real Property Planning Team Develops Facility Reduction Module

Real Property Planning is a core strength that VISTA provides to the Army’s Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (OACSIM). Recently VISTA designed and developed the Real Property Planning and Analysis System (RPLANS) Facility Reduction Module to support the Army’s “Reduce the Installation Facility Footprint” Executive Order. This order directs Army landholding commands to develop plans to eliminate under-used and unused excess facilities. Employing our software development methodology, we implemented a tool that allows commands to enter their plans directly into RPLANS, track the progress, and update them as needed. It also provides, for Army senior leaders, executive level summary reports and charts that depict the plans and progress towards implementing them.

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