Contract Vehicles - General Scientific Corporation is a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of VISTA

Working with VISTA Technology Services is made easy with our broad range of capabilities (VISTA's Capability Statement) and our large variety of contract vehicles that are available:

Prime Vehicles

  • GSA Professional Services ScheduleContract #47QRAA18D0014
      - MOBIS —Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services
      - LOGWORLD— Logistics Worldwide
      - IT—General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software, and Services
      - AIMS—Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions
  • DISA Agency Program Support BPA - Contract #HC1047-18-A-0001
  • EAGLE: Enhanced Army Global Logistics Enterprise - Contract #W52PIJ-12-G-0057
  • SeaPort-e - 8(a) – Contract #N00178-14-D-7657
  • CIO SP3 - Small Business – HHSN316201200141W (FUTREND CTA Member)
  • CIO SP3 - 8(a) — HHSN316201200085W (FUTREND CTA Member)
  • PACTS II - SDVOSB — HSHQDC-16-D-P2021 (Protech JV Member)

Subcontract Vehicles

  • CIO SP3 - Small Business — HHSN316201200168W (Sub to RYAN Consulting Group)
  • CIO SP3 - 8(a) — HHSN316201200092W (Sub to RYAN Consulting Group)
  • GSA Alliant Small Business – Contract #GS06F0613Z (Sub to CTG, Inc.)
  • GSA OASIS Small Business – Pool 1 – Contract #GS00Q14OADS115 (Sub to Ecompex, Inc.)
  • GSA OASIS Small Business – Pool 1 – Contract #GS00Q14OADS116 (Sub to ELEIT Technology, Inc.)

Company Information

COMPANY TYPE: Small Business and Certified 8(a) under SeaPort-e

VISTA is registered as a GovWorks vendor with the U.S. Department of Interior.

Please email or call 703-561-4100 with any questions or comments regarding our contracting vehicles.

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