Our Guiding Principles

VISTA Technology Services Inc. is in business for the long haul, not just today's profits. We built our company to achieve enduring success on a foundation of strong values. We are committed to a set of Guiding Principles that serve as a framework for daily work throughout our business.

Set the best example every day in how we live and work.
Customer Focus:
Our clients are heroes. Prove it to them.
Professional Excellence:
Work hard and mind the details. Success will follow.
Respect for People:
Demonstrate regard for others, regardless of their responsibilities.
Open Communication:
Listen first and often.
Collaborative Culture:
It's okay not to know. Learn from the experiences of others.
Continuous Improvement:
Make every assignment a chance to do better.
Sound Risk-taking:
Problems are possibilities if you take smart risks..
Long-term Growth:
Don't let short term success compromise VISTA's future.
Social Responsibility:
Find ways to make things better where you work, live, and play.

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