Deployment/Human Capital Management

International Logistics Services Include:

VISTA Automates the Deployment Process with CRC In A Box
CRC IN A BOX is a web-based program developed by VISTA to fully automate the Deployment Process. With the touch of a button, companies are able to keep track of candidates throughout the Deployment Process from pre-deployment requirements through redeployment. CRC IN A BOX provides:
  • Corporate Visibility of all Processes
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Reduction in Paper Processes
  • Audits And Reviews to be Performed Remotely, Worldwide
  • Immediate Access to Files and Medical Records
  • Instant Reports

One of 35,000 Candidates Being Processed by VISTA

Deployment Support

Successful deployment to overseas assignments relies on proper preparation, which includes:
  • Recognizing cultural differences and learning how to operate effectively within a country’s culture
  • Understanding the risks in the work environment and how those risks can be mitigated
  • Recognizing cultural differences and learning how to operate effectively within a country’s culture
  • Becoming physically and mentally ready to handle a potentially volatile and stressful environment
  • Completing a variety of travel documents and arrangements
Our focus of the deployment process is to support U.S. missions by preparing candidates for deployment to various theaters of operations all over the world. The Deployment Process is divided into four phases.
  • Processing the Candidate – On-board and process candidates on a 3.5 day cycle. This includes Government paperwork; medical exams, tests and immunizations; dental exams and panoramic x-rays; and completion of required online and classroom facilitated training courses.
  • Readiness Processing — coordinating travel, training and theater- specific briefings with approved curriculum, providing meals, flight arrangements, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation. We also enter candidates into CRC in a Box for tracking, and issue Letters of International Authorization (LOA) and Common Access Cards (CACs).
  • Deploying Candidates — ensuring candidate compliance with travel documents, returning passports and driver’s licenses, issuing company badges, arranging travel, distributing deployment packets, and deploying the candidate.
  • Redeployment Support – ensuring employees have returned all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and received all mandatory reintegration training and medical screenings

Human Capital Management (HCM)

HCM is an approach to employee staffing that understands that people are assets. VISTA’s HCM helps you staff key roles and areas with the right people. Each employee has clearly defined and consistently communicated performance expectations.

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